Occupancy Sensors


• Senses movment via the Doppler effect
• Omni-directional
• Switches lights HVAC on & off
• Saves energy from 25 – 75%
• Unsurpassed relay contact rating of 30A
• Radio frequency – microwave
• Detection through glass and thin walls

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Applications: Industrial and domestic lighting energy saving

Occupancy sensors motion-sensing devices that automatically turn lighting on and off. Case studies have shown energy savings from 25 – 75%.

Occupancy sensors should be a part of any modern lighting system because many rooms are left unoccupied for a significant amount of time each day, typically with the lights on. Reducing the lighting load will result in measurable financial savings.
When occupants enter a room, the lights are automatically switched on. The lights remain on as the sensor detects the occupant’s movements. When the occupant vacates the room the lights automatically switch off after a period of time.
The FX-MV360s2 in an active motion detector that emits a constant mirco-wave frequency of 5.8GHz and detects movement via the Doppler echo. The sensor can detect the slightest movement in its detection range. And, unlike PIR sensor types, there are no blind spots.

Detection is possible through doors, panes of glass, thin walls and soft furnishings. These sensors are best suited for bathrooms, toilets and areas with high possible air movement.

A daylight harvesting sensor prevents the lights from switching on if there is already enough natural light in the room.

Sensor settings include:
• Detection range
• Delay time
• Daylight harvesting level.

Occupancy sensors can save energy and extend the life of lamps, ballasts and control gear.

Microwave Sensor Specifications
Power source: 220 – 240Vac
Power frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
HF system: 5.8GHz CW radar (ISM band)
Time delay: 8 sec to 12 minutes
Detection angle: 360°
Daylight harvesting: 30 lux (minimum setting) to daylight (maximum setting) (300 lux at 75% setting)
Rated load: 600W
Power consumption: 0.9W
Weight: 67g
Detection range: 1 to 10 meters
Transmission power: <10mW

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Occupancy Sensors