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Purelux Trading LED Panel Luminaire Recessed


  • Light emitting diodes (LED)
  • High efficiency: 40-60% less energy consumption compared to fluorescent alternatives.
  • Drop-in replacement of old T5 / T8 fixtures.
  • Long life - lower miniatous costs
  • High quality light, high colour-ending, less heat, no UV or IR radiation.
  • 6W - 72W versions
  • Lumens: 1280 - 6500
  • Power factor > 0.95
  • Colour Rendering Index: >0.75
  • 600x600, 1200x600, options
  • Cool white or warm white options
  • Eco-friendly: no mercury content
  • Low operating temperature

Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are rapidly replacing many traditional light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent and HID lamps. Rapid advances in LED science are yielding unheard-of efficiencies and reliabilities. This translates into lower electricity consumption, lower temperatures and longer life. Most new installations are switching to LED lighting.

The range of LED panel luminaires are now available to be used as retrofits for the aging T8 and in many cases, the T5 fittings. LED panel lights are designed for a glare-free light effect widely used in homes, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, schools and conference rooms (ceiling recessed, pendant, ceiling mounted, wall mounted and so on).

LED Panel Luminaire Specifications
Type: LED Panel luminaire (recess mount)
Features: Suitable for use with occupancy sensors
IP Rating: IP22
Control gear: Premier branded gear only
Voltage: 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz
Power factor: >0.9
Body colour: Gloss white
Material: Main materials; aluminium oxide frame. Plastic light pipe.
Options: Emergency lighting conversion.
Warranty: 3 years (control gear only)
Colour temp: WW(4500K), CW(6500K)
Installation options: surface mounted, recessed mounted or suspended
Conformance: IEC/SANS 60598-1