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Purelux Trading High Bay Fluorescent Luminaires


  • T5 fluorescent lamps
  • Premium Branded Electronic Control Gear
  • PPMA transparent lens cover
  • Very wide, even, light distribution
  • Emergency conversion kits (optional)
  • Up to 58% energy saving
  • 95% maintained light output over lamp life
  • 50 000-hour average lamp life ratings
  • Instant on (Improved Safety)
  • No Flicker - ballast operates at high frquency
  • Suitable for use with occupancy sensors
  • Exceptional colour rendering

Until recently, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems were considered the only high-bay lighting option. However, recent advances in fluorescent lighting systems now make these lower-cost systems more attractive choices for high-ceiling applications and can reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

High-bay applications are often found in warehouses, schools, gymnasiums, storage rooms, large retail stores and other building types with ceilings 15ft and above. These fixtures provide the best of both worlds; efficiency and high-quality light.

These lensed linear fluorescent fixtures for industrial and commercial applications are available in four lamp configurations (using T5 lamps). Supplied with a high efficiency aluminium reflector with 95% reflectance. Die-formed, 20 gauge, cold-rolled steel housing and cover. Full-frame door has a clear plastic lens. Fixture installs with chain, surface or pendant mount. It also has access for 3/4-inch conduit and wire entry as well as being configured for hard wiring.

T5 (Warm Start) fixture utilizes four 54W fluorescent lamps (not included). All metal parts pre-treated with a phosphate bonding process and post-painted with an electrostatically-applied high temperature baked white enamel for superior quality and durability.

High-Bay Fluorescent Luminaire Specifications:

  • Type: High bay fluorescent luminaire
  • Features: 95% efficiency reflector - plastic lens cover
  • Control gear: Premier branded gear only
  • Voltage: 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz
  • Power: T5 - 4 x 54W
  • Power factor: >0.9
  • Body colour: Gloss white (powder coat)
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Options: Emergency lighting conversion
  • Warranty: 3 years (control gear only)
  • Conformance: IEC/SANS 60598-1