[PL / FL / S / DB RANGE]
Applications: Offices  |  Schools  |  Banks  |  Hospitals

Purelux Trading Parabolic Louvered Fluorescent Luminaires


  • Louvered luminaires - surface mount
  • Robust steel body with powder coated paint finish
  • T5 Lamps
  • 4 x 14W, 2 x 28W, 2 x 49W, 4 x 54W
  • 99.9% pure double parabolic low irridens- cent clip-in aluminium reflector
  • 25% less energy consumption
  • Electronic control gear
  • Warm start top-branded ballast
  • Power Factor > 0.9
  • Suitable for use with occupancy sensors
  • Easy to install
  • Complies with SANS 60598-1 Safety
  • Emergency conversion kits (optional)

The PL/FL/S/DB range of louvered luminaires are supplied as a surface luminaire with polished aluminium wedge louvres and designed to take T5 fluorescent tubes. The body is manufactured in steel and finished with a white gloss powder coating.

The slim depth of the fitting is accentuated by being slightly spaced off the ceiling and having gently sloping sides.

T5 & T8 lamps and electronic ballasts ensure 25% less energy consumption than switched-start systems. High frequency control gear gives maximum efficiency , energy saving and quality of light. The ECG has ‘warm’ start which benefits the high frequency fitting, giving flicker free and silent operation.

Parabolic Louvered Fluorescent Luminaires Specifications

  • Type: Low-brightness surface-mount fluorescent luminaire
  • Features: 95% reflectance reflector.
  • Suitable for use with occupancy sensors.
  • IP Rating: IP22
  • Control gear: Premier branded gear only
  • Voltage: 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz
  • Power: 2 x 28/54W, 2 x 35/49W
  • Power factor: >0.9
  • Body colour: Gloss white (epoxy powder coat)
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Options: Emergency lighting conversion. Switch start gear.
  • Warranty: 3 years (control gear only)
  • Conformance: IEC/SANS 60598-1