Applications: Offices  |  Schools  |  Banks  |  Hospitals

Purelux Trading Single Parabolic Fluorescent Luminaires – Recessed


  • Robust steel body
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • 3 x 14W, 2 x 28W, 3 x 28W and 3 x 54W
  • SABS compliant
  • Tubes and control gear easily accessible
  • Easy to install
  • 25% less energy consumption
  • Premium Branded Electronic Control Gear
  • PF = 0.95
  • Emergency conversion kits (optional)

The PL/LR/S range of louvred luminaires (Low Brightness Reflectors - LBR’s) are supplied as recessed luminares with polished aluminium wedge louvres and design to take T5 fluorescent tubes. The body is manufactured in steel and finished in a white gloss powder coat.

This is a quality recessed luminaire designed for plasterboard ceilings. The fitting can be used for most applications such as offices, schools, banks, hospitals etc. as it gives quality and effective lighting.

T5 & T8 lamps and electronic ballasts ensure 25% less energy consumption than conventional systems. High frequency control gear gives maximum efficiency, energy saving and quality of light. The ECG has ‘warm’ start which benefits the high frequency fitting, giving flicker free and silent operation.

Single Parabolic Fluorescent Luminaires Specifications:
Type: Low-brightness, single parabolic recessed fluorescent luminaire.
Features: 95% reflectance reflector. Suitable for use with occupancy sensors.
IP Rating: IP22
Control gear: Premier branded gear only
Voltage: 230V +3%/-10% 50Hz
Power: 3 x 14/24W, 3 x 28/54W
Power factor: >0.9
Body colour: Gloss white (epoxy powder coat)
Material: Mild steel
Options: Emergency lighting conversion.
Switch start gear.
Warranty: 3 years (control gear only)
Conformance: IEC/SANS 60598-1